January 2011

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As we embark on the New Year the management and team here at ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington would like to thank you for your business and support in 2010.  With the difficult economic times facing us all we are thankful for your business and the  trust and confidence you have placed in us.  As we move forward in this new decade we are excited about our continued relationship and wish you a prosperous and rewarding 2011!
Happy New Year!!

ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington

Protect your Property From Water Damage

As humans we understand that water is essential for our survival.  However, for a home or property water can be a destructive force leading to significant loss.  During this time of year in the Pacific Northwest snowmelt and rainwater are capable of causing significant damage if allowed.  One way to prevent a water loss is to be proactive by investigating, identify and repairing all leaks and cracks on your property.

Common places where water intrusion occurs:
Windows & Doors – check for peeling paint as it can be a sign of water getting into the wood
Roof – Leaks are particularly common around chimneys, plumbing and attic vents
Foundation & Exterior Walls  – Examine locations where piping and/or wiring extends through the outside walls
Plumbing – Inspect washing machine hoses for bulges, cracks or wetness and replace them if problems are found.
Termite Damaged Materials – Any wood exposed to the exterior can potentially lead to moisture intrusion or termite infestation.
You can help to prevent water intrusion by regularly inspecting the following elements of your property and making sure they are in good working order.
Flashing – ensure the space between the two different building materials is sealed
Vents – all vents should exhaust to the exterior
Attics  – make sure there are no holes or air leaks, also look for water stains on trusses
Basements  – windows and doors should have barriers or flood shields
Humidity – the relative humidity in your property should be between 30% and 50%
Air Conditioners  – Check drain pans and make sure no standing water is present
Expansion Joints  – these are materials between bricks, pipes, etc that absorb movement, make sure there are no cracks in the joint sealant
Exterior Sheathing and Siding  – Ensure at least 8″ between any wood material and the earth
Drywall – is extremely porous and difficult to dry, replace any signs of moisture and/or damage
Landscaping – Keep trees trimmed so that branches are at least 7 feet away from any exterior house surface
Irrigation – Adjust the spray pattern to avoid excessive water near the foundation
For a complete guide on protecting your property from water intrusion and damage check out this link at the Washington Insurance Council
About ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington

ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington is a proud supporter of the local community. Servicing the greater Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas, we believe in giving back to the area we serve!

Our team includes a Master Restorer with five years of IICRC training, so you can rest assured that the work will be of the highest quality.

With electronic surveillance and other security measures in our 15,000 square foot warehouse, you’ll always know that we’re keeping your possessions safe.  The firm is licensed, bonded and insured to protect you and your home.

Our response time is second to none in the area. We are available 24/7/365 days a year.  We are here to put your property back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. With quality, advanced technology, on-time scheduling, and customer satisfaction our commitment to you, why go anywhere else?

If Water Intrusion Occurs

If water intrusion does occur providing your clients with a  plan and executing that plan quickly and thoroughly will help to minimize the damage and potential loss.

If the cause of the intrusion is a burst pipe or leaking appliance the first step is to shut off the water supply to the property.  In many cases we arrive at a property and find the water still running.  To help your clients identify where the water shut off is we provide these highly visible water shut off tags.

If you would like some of these tags for your clients simply send us an email to with the quantity required and we will get them right out.

Upon successfully turning off the water supply your clients should immediately remove all standing water and moist materials.  The next step is to have them call their licensed water damage and restoration professional – ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington (509) 922-2500 or (208) 667-7670

Water damage left unattended or not assessed correctly can result in a minor loss becoming a significant loss.

Providing your clients with the knowledge of who to call and fast action on their part will help to minimize the time and cost of repairs, resulting in a quicker recovery and lower loss.   The goal is to restore their property and peace of mind as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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Covington Construction & Restoration Builders Inc. is a full service general contractor licensed in Washington and Idaho with offices in both states.  We specialize in residential and commercial insurance repairs with extensive experience in both areas.  Whether it’s a small repair or a complete loss (re-build) we will treat your home and office building like it is our property.

We are an IICRC certified firm specializing in Applied Structural Drying, smoke & fire damage and water damage restoration.  We pride ourselves on being available 24/7 to help you with your needs and to answer any questions.

All team members go through extensive back ground checks, drive company vehicles and wear company identifiable clothing when they arrive on site.   In addition, we do the majority of all repairs with our own employees thus ensuring control over scheduling and quality.

We have an extensive list of reference and work with all insurance companies.

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