February 2011

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As we are in the midst of Winter with Spring just around the corner (hopefully) we continue to see water damage and losses however, this month our focus is on fire and smoke damage and restoration.  While not as common as water losses we understand that the severity and magnitude of a fire loss are typically greater.

As opposed to most water losses a fire loss can be a devastating, life-changing event.  A  major fire loss results in both property damage and the loss of personal contents. It also takes a tremendous emotional toll on the people involved.  While we may not be able to restore the memories and personal contents, we want you and your clients to know we can assist in restoring peace of mind.

ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington

Fire Damage & Fire Restoration

A property fire is an emotionally devastating event.  In an instant a lifetime of memories and possessions are gone.  In extreme situations the basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing maybe lost.

In addition to the damage caused by the fire itself, the property likely suffered additional damage caused by  smoke, water and perhaps chemicals used by firefighters to combat the fire.  Depending on the intensity and nature of the damage a fire may result in recoverable and unrecoverable damages.

Long after a fire is put out, the damage can continue, as remaining free-floating smokes settles on surfaces and contents.  In addition, smoke may penetrate throughout a building’s structure.  Smoke also combines with humidity and can form corrosive residues that may cause secondary damage.

In the midst of all these emotions, reality intrudes.  It is not easy to deal with the after effects of the disaster and your clients ask yourself “Where do I begin” when all they see is soot everywhere and their belongings in a burnt condition.

In the case of fire damage to their property in addition to immediately calling you their insurance agent the best thing to do is not try and clean it on their own.  The damage resulting from a small fire can be too great and requires a significant amount of both time and energy to clean it.

By contacting a fire damage restoration company such as ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington we have the expertise and experience in dealing with the issues caused by a fire and can deal with it more effectively.

Our first step is to assess the damage caused by the fire by evaluating all areas of the property including the structure, flooring, insulation, etc.   This assessment includes photo documentation to determine the scope of the loss allowing us to form the most effective plan for restoration.

We then begin the decision process and work with you and your client to identify the items that are not damaged or partially damaged and can be restored versus the ones that cannot be restored.

Corrosion mitigation is key.  Smoke residue can cause irreversible damage in a short period of time.  The property will be full of chemicals, gases and water used to extinguish the fire.  So the area must be dried and cleaned, thus allowing for ample air flow and the removal of the gases that have accumulated inside.

Next we begin the process of restoring your client’s hard and soft contents utilizing our advanced products and systems.  Finally it is essential to remove the severe odors that occur during a fire loss, through the use of specialized equipment and systems such as air scrubbers and thermal fogging.

We understand most of your client’s have not experienced a fire loss.  However, at ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington we have assisted people through this process countless times.  In the event your client’s do experience a fire loss we would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, respect and business.  Our goal is to return your client’s property to a pre loss condition as quickly as possible, minimizing their loss, so that you and your client can have Peace of Mind.
About ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington

ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington is a proud supporter of the local community. Servicing the greater Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas, we believe in giving back to the area we serve!

Our team includes a Master Restorer with five years of IICRC training, so you can rest assured that the work will be of the highest quality.

With electronic surveillance and other security measures in our 15,000 square foot warehouse, you’ll always know that we’re keeping your possessions safe.  The firm is licensed, bonded and insured to protect you and your home.

Our response time is second to none in the area. We are available 24/7/365 days a year.  We are here to put your property back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. With quality, advanced technology, on-time scheduling, and customer satisfaction our commitment to you, why go anywhere else?

Tips to Ensure Your Client’s Safety & A Successful Restoration

After Fire & Smoke Damage:

Limit the movement and handling of damaged items in the property to prevent soot particles from being impregnated into upholstery and carpets.  Keep your hands clean to prevent further damage.

Place clean towels or old linens on rug and carpet traffic areas to prevent more soiling.

Clean and protect chrome on kitchen and bath room faucets, trim and appliances with a light coating of Vaseline or oil.

DO NOT attempt to wash walls or painted surfaces before contacting a professional restoration service.

DO NOT use any canned or packaged goods or beverages that may have been stored close to fire, hear or water.  They maybe contaminated.

DO NOT turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet.  Wiring may be wet or damaged.

After Water Damage:

Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping and blotting.

Wipe as much excess water from wood furniture after removal of lamps and tabletop items.

Place aluminum foil or plastic food wrap between furniture legs and wet carpeting.

Remove area rugs or other colored rugs from wet wall to wall carpeting areas.

DO NOT leave wet fabrics in place, dry as soon as possible; Hang furs and leather goods to dry separately at room temperature.

DO NOT leave books, magazines or other colored items on wet carpets or floors.

DO NOT use your household vacuum to remove water.
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Covington Construction & Restoration Builders Inc. is a full service general contractor licensed in Washington and Idaho with offices in both states.  We specialize in residential and commercial insurance repairs with extensive experience in both areas.  Whether it’s a small repair or a complete loss (re-build) we will treat your home and office building like it is our property.

We are an IICRC certified firm specializing in Applied Structural Drying, smoke & fire damage and water damage restoration.  We pride ourselves on being available 24/7 to help you with your needs and to answer any questions.

All team members go through extensive back ground checks, drive company vehicles and wear company identifiable clothing when they arrive on site.   In addition, we do the majority of all repairs with our own employees thus ensuring control over scheduling and quality.

We have an extensive list of reference and work with all insurance companies.

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