May 2011

Greetings! ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington

This month we are focusing on a service that when you think of ServiceMaster Clean for your disaster restoration needs you might not realize this is a value added service we provide. Whether a result of water, fire or smoke ServiceMaster is equipped to handle all your Electronic restoration needs typically at a fraction of their replacement cost.

ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington
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Electronics Restoration

Here at ServiceMaster we have been providing disaster restoration services for over 60 years. Since our inception a lot has changed especially in the area of consumer and commercial electronics. As technology has changed so have the services that we are providing. A significant area of growth and advancement has occurred in the area of electronics restoration and data recovery.

ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington has access to a state of the art Electronics Restoration Lab where utilizing the latest technology and techniques we can return your equipment and media to its pre-loss condition.

Our expert team uses highly advanced processes and techniques to test, decontaminate and restore virtually any electronic equipment. Contaminates found in smoke and water residue will corrode the circuit boards and cause open and shorted circuits within electronics. The carbon in smoke residue will short out components like diodes, resistors and capacitor as well. If these contaminates are not properly removed the electronics will suffer from intermittent failures and loss of data. Damage can even occur if electronics are in close proximity of moisture. Our state of the art process utilizes wet and dry chemical circuit board cleansing methods, deionized water rinsing and through drying techniques.

Our restoration services include:
48 Hour Turn Around
Triage testing (no restoration, no charge)
Complete cleaning (interior & exterior)
Data retrieval for computers
Media restoration (DVD, CD, etc.)
Detailed Inventories
Climate controlled, secure storage area
Electronic restoration services are typically a fraction of the equipment’s replacement cost, however this is only one consideration. Replacing sophisticated equipment can take months. This loss of equipment can wreak havoc on your business and mean the loss of clients and/or revenue. In most circumstances decontamination and restoration services can be completed within weeks, thus limiting business interruption and subsequent consequential losses.

In the event of a loss where electronics have been affected, we trust knowing a little about ServiceMaster’s services and solutions will allow you to confidently select ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington for your restoration needs and assist in restoring your peace of mind!

Not Just Your Computer

ServiceMaster has restored electronics in a number of different categories. Here is a list of areas we can assist:

Home Video
DVD/VCR Players
Camcorders/Digital Cameras
Video Game Consoles
Media (Games, Tapes)
Home Theater Systems
Home Audio
Bookshelf Audio Systems
Portable Audio (mp3, etc.)
Media (CD, Cassettes, etc.)
Home Theater Systems
Office Equipment
Desktop/Laptop Computers
Servers/Storage Vaults
Scanners/Fax Machine
Media (Software)
Computer Networks
Phone Systems
In the event of a loss where there has been electronic and/or media damage please know that here at ServiceMaster Emergency Services by Covington we have the resources, knowledge and expertise to assist. Please don’t hesitate to call
(509) 922-2500 (208) 667-7670
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We are an IICRC certified firm specializing in smoke & fire damage and water damage restoration. We pride ourselves on being available 24/7 to help you with your needs and to answer any questions.

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