Forever Grateful

To the ServiceMaster by Covington Crew,

We would like to thank you for the awesome and great services that you have provided to us over the past couple months. It goes without saying that we are forever grateful for the many things that you all have done and provided for us.

When we came to the church to see what all had taken place, we were distraught and wondering what would happen next. We were unsure about our ability to hold services and provide for our congregation. When you came to our rescue, we knew at that point that everything was in the Lord’s hands.

It came to us as a surprise that your company was able to get our building ready for the service the following night. We knew that the Lord had brought us together and has smiled upon us and continues to bless us in many ways.

Thanks again for everything that you have done, and please accept this letter as a small token of our appreciation to you and your company. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you within his loving care.

In His service,
Country Crossroads Christian Family Church

Country Crossroads Christian Family Church was vandalized.

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