I Fell in Love

This is a letter in response to the greatest and most devastating experience we have endured in our wonderful years at our house: To come around a corner on my drive home for lunch and watch my house burn.

I can’t believe the response from ServiceMaster by Covington. Fires happen fast, but I am so blessed that it brought a peace of mind to know that I was in the hands of a wonderful group of people who displayed the caring and concern that ServiceMaster provided for me. I fell in love with each and every one of the people working for you. I would like you to recognize specifically JJ who literally put her arms around me and made me feel at ease. She shared my tears and passion for my home. She made this very easy. She is a wonderful asset and brought her infectious smile to me in a very special way. I felt as if she were a part of my family with real feelings. Her assurance was very sincere.

And then to mention my introduction with Grant, Jeremiah, Mike, Brandon, Tim, Matt and Josh. WOW! What a great pleasure this was. Your team was the most comforting, special, fun, and easy to get to know group of men. It was a special pleasure to get to know them. They were very informative. Kept me smiling and my spirits up each and every day. I knew I was specially blessed. You should be so proud of them. I can’t thank you all enough, and hope we have installed a friendship both with the company and each and every one of you forever. I have lived here for 30 years and plan to live another 30 more. Please let it be known that we are here and would love to continue our relationships. You are all welcome here anytime!

The boys wasted no time in building our trust, they were very focused and eager to please us everyday. They took the time to make this an easier experience for us. You’re very lucky to have them working for you. I never worried about their constant ways of business and pleasure. And then I look to myself and say how blessed I was to look upon you. Thank you for everything, and I do mean everything. From conversation to hugs – to hellos and goodbyes – oh, and donuts and coffee! JJ, we love you. I will never forget you all. Just can’t say enough, but I do know when I mention ServiceMaster by Covington, I will mention this company with honesty and integrity.

We are so very proud of all of you. With love,
Mike & Joyce

Mike & Joyce experienced a house fire that was the result of poor wiring.

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