Outstanding People

A little over a week and a half ago I had the pleasure of meeting you and your organization. Sometimes it takes tragedy for us to realize how good things can be… When you arrived at my home Saturday morning, the 17th of December, you took a look around, made some phone calls and I felt reassured that everything would be fine. There were folks here each day documenting and evaluating the damage, monitoring the progress and working toward the restoration process. Each step of the damage control and cleanup has been a pleasant experience with these restoration professionals. I believe it’s due to the outstanding people I’ve had the opportunity to meet in the past week. Every single person on this job has been very knowledgeable, professional and wonderful to work with. Such great care has been taken with my home and all of its belongings. Your team made my holidays much brighter. As we journey down this road to recovery, I would like to say, I truly look forward to working with you and your entire team of great folks.

My special thanks to all of you: Bob, JJ, Brandon, Mike, James, Andy, Jeremiah, Dustin, Gage, Dan and David.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!!

Respectfully Yours,

Lynne experienced a chimney fire.

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