Totally Amazed and Extremely Grateful

Where do I begin? From the first call to my insurance agent, ALL services were only the best I could ever imagine. I have been bragging to all who would listen about the incredible service I received during this incredibly overwhelming experience.

The cleaning crew, headed by JJ, went out of their way to clean the master bedroom, kitchen and front bathroom in order for me to move back in. I cannot say enough about JJ and her crew. Professional, competent, compassionate with my state of anxiety and always cheerful and polite. You have really amazing employees.

I am still totally amazed and extremely grateful for all that was done. Beginning with the first visit and not ending until every concern was addressed. My home and its furnishings including but not limited to every little piece of “stuff” (and I have lots of stuff) were treated with care and handled as if they belonged to the crew. Each member can be congratulated and thanked for the extremely good job that they did.

From the massive blowers to the care of crystal stemware, every item was taken care of. JJ’s calls were always so polite and she was so compassionate and understanding when I go anxious about something. It seems she just went out of her way to alwasy do the right thing and she did it with humor and a professional courtesy that I will always remember. I truly cannot say enough for all that she did. She is amazing and I am personally grateful for her assistance.

I remain grateful every day for all that you have done. Each crew that came in was just exceptional. I felt complete confidence in all that they were doing. My goodness, the dolls, the wine, the clothing… I look around daily and say a prayer for gratitude to all of you.

I am sending a copy of this letter to my insurance agent. He needs to be aware of the exceptional job that was done. Your work ethic is amazing, your crews are exceptional and JJ saved my sanity. Thank you for all that you have done. All of the services provided met every possible expcectation. I have told and retold my friends and neighbors about this entire event and over and over, all I hear are statements of disbelief. They all seem to have something that they had to go through that did not even come close to what was done for me. Thank you all again for all that you do and everything you did to put my life back in order. You will always be appreciated.


Mary experienced a house fire that was started by a candle, and resulted in heavy smoke damage.

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