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To Whom it May Concern,

This past week we encountered what most homeowners dread in their home, a flood. Unfortunately this came at a difficult time, as do most accidents. This is not the first incident we have had with water damage. You hate to make that call to the clean up company because after experiencing this before you know they are going to come in and demolish your castle. This incident occurred on a Sunday and to our dismay our insurance company would not give us our benefits until Monday morning to know whether this incident was covered. We had called your company on Sunday but did not want them out until we verified coverage. First thing Monday morning we received a call from a very professional young man (Grant) who put our mind at ease and assured us that as soon as we heard from our insurance company they would be on their way. After going through this in January with another restoration company we were not looking forward to the process. Grant and crew arrived and were very polite and professional. Brandon went through all the documentation and an explanation of the process was given. We were very impressed with the amount of detail and information that was shared with us up front. This was the first time a company was so thorough and detailed.

They quickly assessed the situation and began working. They were extremely careful with our belongings and we noticed they labeled all doors and items they removed which was not done before. They tested for asbestos, which was also not done previously, and then began removal of damaged walls and flooring. They were considerate and careful. The area that impressed us the most was the impeccable job they did at clean up. WOW!!! Removing nails and vacuuming was soooo appreciated. We also appreciated the fact that they hung plastic to isolate the dust due to the fact that we have respiratory issues in our family.

All this just to say thank you! Grant finished up the job and each time he came out he had a smile on his face. This is a welcomed site in the midst of crisis. We have contacted our insurance company and informed them of your professionalism and your care of our home. The adjuster noted the clean site when he came out to measure. We will refer your company to anyone in need of your services.

Thank you again! Sincerely,
Steve & Nancy

Steve & Nancy experienced a house flood due to a toilet overflow.

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