May 2012 Newsletter

Summer is on its way! A lot has been changing here at ServiceMaster by Covington! We recently moved in to a new facility, have made some signficant updates to our website, and even gave our newsletter a little spring cleaning! As we continue to grow, we know you’ll find that we’re even better equipped than ever with the largest pack out and ozone facility in the Inland Northwest, as well as offering CE classes.
Feel free to come visit us and see our new facility, or if you have a quick question, check our website or give the office a call. We’ll be more than happy to help!
We’re always looking for ways to improve, and wanted to share some helpful tips we found on how to save energy.

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Tips for Living Green

While many of us strive to be good to the Earth, living each day in the most eco-friendly way takes effort. For some it’s not practical to always ride a bicycle to work. Organic vegetables are very expensive and sometimes a recycling bin is nowhere in sight.

1. Use a refillable container for water. You will save money and reduce the amount of trash in the landfill by drinking tap water from your own bottle. Quality wise, bottled water is sometimes not much different from what comes from the tap. Here are some helpful statistics:

  • According to MSLK, about 80 percent of the roughly 50 billion bottles of water purchased each year wind up in the trash.
  • Each year about 17 million barrels of oil are used to produce bottled water.
  • Tap water costs about 1,000 times less that bottled water. According to MSLK, it costs only 50 cents a year to drink two liters of tap water each day.
  • Along with saving lots of money, drinking tap water also prevents toxins from plastic from leaking into the ground, toxins which have been associated with reproductive issues and cancer.

2. Not using it? Turn it off. According to, turning off your computer at night could save nearly $100 each year. Even modes like “sleep” and “hibernate” consume energy. Shutting down your computer each day will reduce power costs and increase the life of your equipment.

3. Refuse junk mail. While sometimes burdensome, we’ve learned to ignore the loads of junk mail we receive each month. Statistics show that nearly two tree’s worth of junk mail is sent to some households each year. Services like CatalogChoice.orgallow you to opt out of some of this mail. Along with saving trees, you might also reduce time huddled around the paper shredder.

4. When doing laundry, only wash full loads. Washing one item at a time wastes valuable water and power. Use only phosphate-free laundry detergent and hang clothing outside to dry when the weather is nice.

5. Keep the refrigerator door closed. Refrigerators use less energy when they are cool inside. When warm air enters, the appliances kick into gear. Make sure your refrigerator door is functioning properly including seals that help keep warm air out. Estimates from some experts show the average household wastes between 50 and 120 kilowatt hours of electricity when the refrigerator is door is open.

Know what you want to eat before opening the fridge and organize food so needed items can be quickly retrieved.

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